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As a native of Wenatchee WA, I began hiking with my dad in the central Cascades as soon as I could walk. I love the Cascades and they will always feel like home. Though not as big and grand as other mountain ranges in the US, their beauty cannot be rivaled. 

My dad  always brought his big, fancy cameras with him on our hikes, and as I grew older my passion for taking photos of the outdoors grew as well.  So, in 2012 I decided to "get serious" about my photos and move the dial off the friendly green box called "auto" to the unknown world of M (manual). 

I've been fortunate to work in the outdoor industry since 2008 for Sawyer Products, an industry leader in water filtration, insect repellents, first aid and other outdoor safety products. My work has allowed me to travel around the world, providing families that lack access to clean drinking water, with a life saving water filtration solution.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my galleries. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions.



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